Bruno Vassari Collagen Sheets | Biodermal Native Collagen

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The native bio dermal collagen in the form of a freeze-dried collagen sheet has great importance to restore the own collagen of the skin.


The future is now thanks to the Bruno Vassari Collagen Sheets. These sheets are made from the ultimate creation: a 2nd generation native freeze-dried collagen. The active ingredient in the formula is obtained from pure collagen fibers and brings elasticity, vitality and luminosity to aging and dull-looking skin.


Skin Type: Suitable and safe for all skin types. Best recommended on aging skin with evident signs of fatigue and dullness.


Size: Box with 5 sheets of active native collagen wrapped in individual bags each.


Main Active Ingredients:

What makes Bruno Vassari Biodermal Collagen skincare so special is its take on collagen. With the highest purity 2nd generation freeze-dried native collagen 90% free of any foreign substance and with most advanced structure, acts wonders on skin. This kind of collagen can replenish aging skin lack of natural collagen, while it soothes and repairs damaged skin cells.


Freeze-dried collagen differs from traditional hydrolyzed collagen molecules because the first one maintains its original molecular structure. This is done by high-tech biochemical technology, in order to separate certain substances that could turn into harmful ones for the human body.


Instructions to use:

The Native Biodermal Collagen skincare comes with 5 individual sachets, each one for a one-only application. Before you apply this the lyophilized collagen wash your face with your desired cleanser and dry your skin with air. A deep cleansing of the skin is a must before applying Biodermal collagen sheet.

Take out one of the collagen sheets and spread it wide open. Place the sheet carefully over your face while trying to cover every inch of your face with your fingertips, any spatula or brush. Ensure there is no space/air between your skin and collagen sheet. It will look like “a second skin”. Smooth the sheet out so your skin absorbs the compound effectively and evenly. Let the collagen sheet sit on your skin for 20 minutes or until it completely dries out, letting your skin fully absorb the benefits deeply. Remove the face mask from your skin and let the remains of the product fully disappear. Once your skin dries out you can move on with the rest of your day or night skin routine. Apply the anti-aging serum and/or cream on top.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Collagen Sheets:

  • Free of preservatives formula.
  • Does not contain colorants ingredients.
  • Free of fragrance to prevent irritations on sensitive skin types.
  • Easy application that helps a full absorption of the ingredients.
  • Suitable for all skin types. Best recommended on aging skin.
  • In addition to this, collagen can moisture skin and make it bright, with an overall shinier appearance.
  • Freeze-dried collagen increases skin elasticity and keeps skin outermost barriers healthy and luster.
  • Biodermal Native Collagen actually creates a protective film on your skin surface to compact the tissue, erase fine lines and visibly narrow pores.

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