Abril Et Nature Age Reset – Instant Mask 200ml

140.00 AED



– For thin fibre hair and weak hair.

– Increases the thickness and strength of the hair fibre from inside.

– Botox effect for largest hair volume and healthy sealed cuticles.

– An increase in fibre thickness and hair volume is obtained.


Its main action is to increase the thickness of the fiber, fill its interior and increase the volume of hair. It also has a rejuvenation effect. Instant mask age reset increases volume, the thickness of the hair and restores completely hair fiber. An exclusive blend of natural oils is introduced into the hair without opening the cuticle, adhering to the keratin particles that form the cortex, thickening the hair giving it volume, elasticity and strength.


Hair Type: suitable for thin hair.


Size: 200ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Plant stem cells, with bioactive ingredients with hair rejuvenation capacity.
  • Botox effect to provide protection and strength to hair. Furthermore, it stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. It realigns your hair without breaking the structure.
  • Cuticle sealant oil, removing hair fiber porosity. It helps to accelerate hair growth in addition to increase blood circulation.
  • Also, this sealant oil helps deposit oil back into your hair and prevent the dryness that can contribute to breakage.


Instructions to use:

5/6 applications on hair dried with a towel, leave it to act for 10 minutes and rinse. For the best visible result combine this hair care with the Abril Et Nature Age Reset Shampoo, in addition, to the Age Reset Finishing Spray and Age Reset Serum.


Benefits of Age Reset Instant Mask:

  • It improves the general aspect of the hair, due to the straightening of the cuticle and the increase of its shine.
  • Increase of the thickness of the hair fiber, of its resistance and of its strength.
  • Increase of the hair volume.
  • A general renewed appearance.
  • It provides volume to thin fiber hair and very thin fiber hair.
  • Regular application boosts resistance, shine and strength of hair.
  • Age Reset Instant Mask rejuvenates hair.
  • It gives your hair added fullness without weighing it down or making it feel greasy, plus, the creamy consistency leaves your hair feeling so soft.
  • This instant hair’ mask both tingles and warms while it works wonders on your scalp, targeting growth literally at the root of the issue.
  • The formula deeply moisturizes hair and adds shine. Plus, it’s non-sticky and free of sulfates.
  • This lightweight product gives your hair that extra boost while keeping frizzies at bay.
  • It helps increases hair density and improves hair texture.
  • Instant Mask Age reset helps against dry and dull hair, enriches the hair color.


Do you have fine, thin and weakened hair? This product is best suited for you. Order Abril Et Nature Age Reset Instant Mask online from an Authorized Distributor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and others UAE’ regions. And we will deliver it the next day, maximum business 1-2 days. You can also buy Abril Et Nature Age Reset Instant Mask in Saudi Arabia by ordering it online from this website. Simply place your order and we will deliver it in 4 business days.

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