Black Diamond Proteum Serum

Martiderm Black Diamond Proteum Serum

AED 325

– Improves roughness

– Antioxidant effect against solar radiation, with biological sunscreen

– Moisturises

– Increases skin firmness and elasticity

– Reduction in expression lines and wrinkles

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Martiderm Black Diamond Proteum Serum is a triple-effect anti-aging cell repairer, firmer and antioxidant, for younger, smoother, firmer and better-protected skin. Reduces roughness, firms the face, reduces wrinkles, slows aging, protects your skin and prevents redness. Martiderm Black Diamond Proteum Serum also activates DNA repair and protection, slowing the cell aging process and shielding the skin from cell damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It has a light, smooth texture and is quickly absorbed.


Skin Type: All skin types


Size: 30ml

Main Active Ingredients:

  • Proteum 89+: Exclusive Martiderm molecule with the latest generation of proteoglycans, which protects against the effects of ultraviolet solar radiation, and provides firmness and elasticity. Proteum Serum 89+ reduces roughness and firms the skin, reducing and preventing skin aging. This powerful ingredient also protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation.
  • DNA Repair complex: Complex that favors cell repair.
  • Collagen and hyaluronic acid production are boosted due to the effects of tocopheryl retinoate and free radicals are scavenged by the various antioxidant ingredients in the serum. Ideal to prevent and correct signs of skin decline.
  • Vitamin Complex with vitamins C, B5 and B3 for an antioxidant action and a brightening effect.
  • DNA-repairing hexapeptide naturally amends the DNA and delays cellular skin aging.
  • Vitamin B3, which can protect your skin further from infrared, UV and visible light, and prevent pigmentation such as dark spots from appearing on your face. Vitamin B3 reduces skin redness and blotchiness.
  • Hyaluronic acid, which helps in alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles and accelerates the speed of wound healing.
  • Vitamin B5 improves your skin softness and elasticity. Relieves itching and irritation of the skin. This powerful ingredient has exfoliating properties, fights free radicals and promotes the growth of new skin cells.

Instructions to use Black Diamond Proteum Serum:

  • Pour contents into hands.
  • Apply to face as well as the neckline.
  • Rub on the skin until completely absorbed.
  • Apply morning and/or evening.

Benefits of Black Diamond Proteum Serum:

  • This product has an Antioxidant effect against solar radiation and reduces skin roughness.
  • Likewise, it increases skin firmness and Reduction in expression lines and wrinkles.
  • It contains antioxidants that smooth, moisturize, strengthen and brighten the skin, minimizing the presence of facial contours.
  • The high concentration of vitamins A, B, C and E, important antioxidants, provide luminosity and tone to the skin.
  • This serum acts as a biological sun filter to help protect the skin and prevent the formation of free radicals.
  • Thanks to its anti-wrinkle effect, it quickly restores skin firmness and elasticity that have been lost over time.


Buy online Martiderm Black Diamond Proteum Serum, meanwhile, with gold added as well as biological sunscreen protection to prevent your skin from early aging.


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