Young woman with scars before and after

How To Remove Scars

Scars are mostly inevitable. As the skin gets injured from accidents, surgery, burns, acne and what have you, it forms collagen to repair the injured skin. The closing of the wound and the formation of the collagen result in scars. This is a natural healing process even though it leaves one with a reminder – …

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Green Tea Benefits for Skin

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

You must have heard of green tea. And now you’re probably wondering to yourself: ‘why all the hype?’ Well, green tea has high antioxidant properties that are good for human health. Enormous amounts of research have shown that green tea is very potent in improving heart and brain health. This beloved drink cannot be overlooked …

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Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Stem Cell Hair Restoration

You must have heard of stem cells or stem cell treatment. But have you heard of a stem cell hair restoration? Probably not. It’s a new innovative way of treating hair loss. Rest assured, if you haven’t ever heard of stem cells and how it works, we’ll explain it to you. After reading this article, …

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