AbrilEtNature Lotion Greasy Hair 100ml

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Solves the main causes of greasy hair problems, such as excessive production of fat in the sebaceous glands. Ensures a good lipid balance on the scalp and hair. It nourishes sensitized areas and dry ends.


It combines all the products and active ingredients in a synergy that solves the main causes of greasy hair problems, such as an excessive activity of the enzyme 5α-reductase and excessive production of fat in the sebaceous glands. Paraben-free and Silicon free lotion. Pleasantly fragranced and leaves hair shiny, soft and smooth. This lotion is also hypoallergenic. It does not produce a seborrheic rebound effect. AbrilEtNature Lotion Greasy Hair leaves your hair loose, silky and easily workable. In addition, it is perfect for the regular hygiene of oily hair and seborrheic conditions, dandruff and flaky or pruritic conditions of the scalp.


Hair Type: Oily hair and dry ends


Size: 250ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Glycine: known for its moisturizing and strengthening properties, Glycine acts on sensitive hair leaving the hair nourished, healthy and fortified.
  • Vitamin B6 lowers the excess production of sebum. It leaves the follicles healthy, therefore, the hair becomes light.
  • Pyridoxine helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp. This accelerates the hair growth process and supplies oxygen to hair follicles.
  • Citric Acid, improves the scalp condition by getting rid of dandruff and it increases the flow of blood, which in turn enhances and repairs the roots of the hair necessary for youthful hair growth.
  • Fumaric Acid, is efficient in the long-term hair treatment even against stubborn dandruff. Stabilizes the scalp to reduce and prevent dandruff.


Instructions to use:

  • First Step: Wash hair routinely along with Shampoo Greasy Hair.
  • Last step of Greasy Haircare: Apply the Lotion Greasy Hair directly to the dry scalp once a day, until you see that the problem has diminished. Subsequently, apply once a week for maintenance. Do not rinse.


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Lotion Greasy Hair:

  • It provides natural sebum regulating properties, providing the appropriate lipids balance of scalp and hair.
  • In other words, it acts as an inhibitor of the 5α-reductase enzyme.
  • Moreover, it provides hygienizing and antiseptic action on the scalp.
  • It also treats the hair fiber from lengths to tips to nourish dry and repair each end for hair to regain softness and glow.
  • This lotion treats oily roots regulating sebum overproduction.
  • Similarly, it nourishes sensitized areas and dry ends.
  • Also, it helps the hair fiber to regain softness and shine.
  • The broad action of this lotion effectively combats moderate dandruff combined with an itchy scalp. It quickly eliminates dandruff and soothes irritation and itching.

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