AbrilEtNature Shampoo Gold Lifting 1000ml

300.00 AED



AbrilEtNature Shampoo Gold Lifting gently removes impurities, helps to maintain the curly or wavy hairstyle preventing breakage of the curlies. And what the smell!… It leaves a fragrant bouquet on the hair.


AbrilEtNature Shampoo Gold Lifting helps to keep the natural curly and wavy hairstyle. It improves the strength of the hair fibre, avoiding breakage during washing and hairstyling. It also prevents the hair from getting frizzy. The point often overlooked, the composition includes plant stem cells that perfectly restore and shape hair along the entire length.

The shampoo foams well, in a matter of moments turning into a plentiful cloud, it is easily washed off with plain water, does not leave a feeling of discomfort, irritation. The innovative formula of the “golden” line is perfect for curly hair, allowing you to make it more obedient and neater. Healthy shine, luxurious volume, desired density – all this is in your hands.


Hair Type: suitable for curly hair.


Size: 1000ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Plant stem cells with hair rejuvenation ability, in order to recover natural curlies or waves.
  • Panthenol coats the hair and seals its surface, lubricating follicles and making strands appear shiny.
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein PG-propyl silanetroil, that is able to penetrate the cortex of the hair, helping to build strength from within. Furthermore, it increases the ability of each strand’s to retain moisture.
  • Propylene glycol helps the hair absorb and retain moisture, that in turn makes the hair soft.
  • Glycerin helps in energizing your hair strands, leading to reduced formation of breakable ends.


Instructions to use:

Wash your hair as usual. Leave the shampoo for 3-5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Combine it with Gold Lifting mask to achieve the best result.


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Shampoo Gold Lifting:

  • The first thing to remember, this shampoo renews the hair fibre, restoring hair potency and stops brittleness.
  • It also provides a silky touch and a powerful shine.
  • AbrilEtNature Shampoo Gold Lifting enhances the outward view of your hair fibre.
  • It increases your hair sparkle as well as prevents ruffled hair.
  • Gives hair a natural softness and healthy appearance, moisturizes hair.
  • Provides the beauty of curls, acts as an antistatic.
  • AbrilEtNature Shampoo Gold Lifting gently removes impurities, prevents tangling, increases the firmness and elasticity of curls.
  • After regular application of this product, the hair becomes more obedient, which greatly facilitates combing.
  • The shampoo Gold Lifting contains active ingredients to make up for the lack of nutrients and repair damaged hair areas, has a beautiful smell.


Buy AbrilEtNature Shampoo Gold Lifting online on Cigalah Medpharm and enjoy the beautiful and healthy look of your locks. Delivery to the UAE and Saudi Arabia within 1 – 4 business days.

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