AbrilEtNature Keratin Intensive Serum

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Specially designed for treated hair. Repairs the keratin structure of hair, rebuilding it and providing energy, shine, softness and moisture.


AbrilEtNature Keratin Intensive Serum is specially designed for treated hair. It repairs the keratin structure of hair, rebuilding it and providing energy, shine, softness and moisture. When using this product you achieve a complete repair, restoring hair fibers and sealing the cuticle. The keratin serum provides gentle and effective care for damaged and dry hair. The complex of natural components saturates the keratin structure with the necessary moisture, amino acids, vitamins A and E, protects against the harmful effects of thermal styling. This keratin hair product has a delicate consistency, which is evenly applied along the entire length of the hairstyle. Are you sick of hair that’s full of static electricity and constantly looks frizzy from split ends? AbrilEtNature Keratin Intensive Serum will help you end those bad hair days.


Hair Type: Normal to Dry Hair


Size: 50ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Argan oil supports the rapid growth of healthy, durable hair as opposed to light, brittle hair.
  • Marula seed oil, which is effective in keeping hair soft, supple and moisturized. It nourishes everything from the ends of your hair to your root, assisting in moisture retention while restoring the health of the hair.
  • Panthenol, which aids in restoring hair elasticity, moisture retention and strength. It covers the surface of hair strands, forming a light film on the surface of the hair cuticle.
  • Glycerin, which helps in strengthening the hair, leading to less formation of split ends. It also helps your hair prevent moisture loss.
  • Keratin Protein envelops your hair, restores its vitality, increases of the hair texture, and brings back its elasticity and flexibility.


Instructions to use:

After washing hair, dry with a towel and apply a small amount of the product, about the size of a hazelnut. Spread well through hair using a gentle massage. Do not wash off.


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Keratin Intensive Serum:

  • Most importantly it restores and rejuvenates hair’s Keratin structure and strength.
  • Prevents breakage, and restores natural softness and shine.
  • Regenerates the keratin structure damaged by the use of either styling or chemical products, repairing it and restoring a healthy look of the hair.
  • This hair serum provides your hair with a strong boost of keratin, both externally and internally.
  • AbrilEtNature Keratin Intensive Serum produces a quick effect without weighing curls.
  • It also helps retain the hair color shade, as well as guard hair from further harm caused by the environment, flat irons, blow-drying and chemical procedures.
  • The hair serum is absorbed rapidly and deeply into your hair, to provide nourishing moisture instantly.
  • It can help you start strengthening your hair to put an end to those split ends.
  • AbrilEtNature Keratin Intensive Serum also repairs any damage caused by coloring or smoothing treatments.

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