Abril Et Nature Corrective Line Up Spray

120.00 AED



– Line up spray helps to get rid of frizz and discipline your hair. Results in pointing all the hair in the same direction.

– It protects against any heat damages, especially during styling.

– It provides a natural shine.


Abril Et Nature Corrective Spray offers line up, discipline and anti-frizzing treatment. Achieve that all the hair fibers stay line up, pointed toward the same direction. Its effectiveness increases after blow-dry brushing, by using a thermal tool, like a flat iron and a curling iron (advised temperature about 210ºC). Additionally, this spray contains stem cells plant culture extract, enhanced with essential nutrients from argan and olive oils. The lasts strengthen the hair with added UV protection. ​ Even if your hair is naughty with every attempt to style it in a neat hairstyle, do not get upset and give up. Everything will turn out together with a unique hair straightening Abril Et Nature Corrective Line Up Spray.


Hair Type:

  • Dry hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Normal to thick hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Curly hair


Size: 200ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Plant stem cells, which help reduce thinning hair and produce stronger and healthier hair.
  • Argan and olive oils to strengthen the natural shine of hair and moisturize.
  • Cysteine, which is an amino acid, is used in this product to strengthen your hair and make them straight. Furthermore, it will also protect your hair from damage, decreases the frizz and adds shine. It also helps to stimulate hair regrowth and fight hair loss.
  • Lysine, which is responsible for the shape and volume of the hair. Lysine also helps to fight hair loss.


Instructions to use:

Apply it on wet hair, dried with a towel, impregnating all the hair. Do not rinse. Blow-dry and straighten with a flat iron. It’s very important because the product improves its effect by means of flat iron heat.


Benefits of Abril Et Nature Corrective Line Up Spray:

  • Line up and discipline hair fibers.
  • Smooth hair surface, improving ease of combing.
  • Controls the hair volume and avoids frizzy hair.
  • It provides a shiny and natural finish.
  • This line-up spray improves ease of hairstyling and to straighten by a flat iron.
  • It provides protection from a flat iron, hairdryer and any other heat damages.
  • Abril Et Nature Corrective Line Up Spray also smoothen hair fiber surface avoiding hair to get tangled and frizzy.
  • Lines up the hair in a natural way acting as a hair shape corrective product. It also offers temporarily hair straightening.
  • It also ensures that your hair fibers are correctly aligned and tidy.
  • This product also reorganizes the internal bonds inside the hair fiber.
  • This corrective hair spray gives the strands smoothness, silkiness and incredible glow.
  • Furthermore, its microparticles envelop each hair, creating a protective layer.
  • Similarly, it contains ingredients that give the strands elasticity and shape without bonding.

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