AbrilEtNature Mask Cell Innove 1000ml

380.00 AED



It is a daily haircare mask that contains a protein complex that penetrates the cortex of the hair and restores its strength from the inside. Recommended for damaged hair for regular use.


Do you naturally have porous and curly hair? Damaged strands after bleaching, dyeing and permanent curling procedures? In such matters, the hair Mask Cell Innove from Abril et Nature will come to your aid. It instantly penetrates into the cortex of curls, restoring their structure from the inside, as well as protecting against brittleness and cross-section. It is also a daily haircare which contains a protein complex that penetrates the cortex of the hair and restores its strength from the inside.


Hair Type: Damaged hair


Size: 1000ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  1. Stem cells with the effect of repair and straightening of the external part of your hair. Furthermore, it contains bioactive ingredients with hair rejuvenation capacity.
  2. Glycerin: which is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment around it to your hair strands. It also conditions the hair thus reducing breakage and dry, brittle hair.
  3. Castor oil; which gives firmness to the roots of your hair by providing your scalp with the necessary nutrients and providing protection against microbes. Furthermore, it penetrates the hair shafts and roots and nourishes it, restoring its optimum health and boosting hair growth.
  4. Propylene glycol: which softens the hair and makes it easy to comb through.


Instructions to use:

Wash hair with Bain Shampoo Cell Innove, as usual. Leave on hair for 4-5 minutes and wash off. Follow the next step by applying Instant Mask Cell Innove. Gently rub all over your hair around 10 – 15 minutes for a perfect result and rinse-off. Finish the rejuvenating treatment with Abril et Nature Cell Innove leave-on serum: apply it on hair dried with a towel, 2/3 applications. Leave on hair for about 10 minutes and dry as you wish (do not rinse).


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Mask Cell Innove:

  • This daily haircare product provides maximum regenerative power for damaged hair.
  • It provides instant deep recovery of severely damaged hair or hair after any chemical procedure, promotes skin and hair regeneration.
  • It helps strengthen hair, which significantly improves and rejuvenates them.
  • This mask is supported by a powerful hair-strengthening active set that dramatically improves the condition of damaged hair.
  • This hair product stimulates the regenerative processes of the scalp and hair, significantly improving their condition.
  • The mask creates an invisible barrier on each strand, which protects against external aggressive factors and allows you to stay healthy for a long time.
  • It instantly acts and does not make strands heavier.
  • It helps your hair fiber recovers the brightness, touch and shine typical of young hair.
  • AbrilEtNature Mask Cell Innove improves the appearance of the hair, smoothing the cuticle and increasing its shine.

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