AbrilEtNature Instant Mask Color 1000ml

280.00 AED



Color Mask is special hair care for colored hair (dark and brighten colors) to avoid color pigments from disappearing as long as possible and protect the hair fiber to keep hair healthy and hold the color for longer.


AbrilEtNature Instant Mask Color guards the natural color as well as color obtained from dye, by preventing the discharge of colored particles and the deterioration of hair cortex structure. This product is developed with emollient oils that provide the hair with mechanical protections and UV filters to prevent loss of hair color. The primary objective of this hair mask is to provide color, maintain dyed (dark or brighten) hair, to protect and to keep its color and glare. AbrilEtNature Instant Mask Color with micro-suspension technology that contains moisturizing oils in its composition protects the hair from washing out the color as long as possible, preserves the brightness of the color and lively shine. This instant mask color supports reconditioning and smoothness of hair.


Hair Type: preferably for colored (dark and brighten) hair.


Size: 1000ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein lowers the hair permeability and reinforces it internally. It makes your strands feel softer, silky, and effortless to comb. This ingredient improves your hair capacity to absorb and hold on to water. It helps lower brittleness, reduces frizz and curls, and makes your hair appear thicker.
  • Emollient oils make the strands of your hair appear more relaxed and gentler. Aid in eliminating dry hair and scalp.
  • UV filters/sunscreen protects hair color, particularly dyed hair.


Instructions to use:

Apply on damp hair. Rub thoroughly all through the hair for optimal results. Wash off only after a few minutes. Color Mask performs the best in combination with Color shampoo. So, we recommend you use them together.


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Instant Mask Color:

  • The first thing to remember, it strengthens the keratin structure of the hair fiber that has gone through color treatment.
  • Creates an enveloping film of oils on the hair fiber with a sealing effect of the cuticle.
  • Used regularly, it acts against all the causes of loss of color intensity and enhances beautiful hair shine.
  • AbrilEtNature Instant Mask Color enhances your hair’s external appearance obtained with the dye itself in intensity and brightness of color.
  • The mask penetrates deep inside the dyed hair, restoring it by all means.
  • This mask creates a protective film that preserves nutrients in the hair cuticle, preserves color, moisturizes and reconstructs hair.
  • Additionally, it moisturizes hair, making combing easier, restores hair color intensity.
  • Mask for dark and brighten hair of the famous Spanish brand Abril et Nature restores colored locks, nourishes them and restores shine.
  • AbrilEtNature Instant Mask Color simplifies hair styling, and also prolongs the saturation of the shade, protecting it from leaching of color.

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