Marti Derm Black Diamond Skin Complex Ampoules 10

Marti Derm Skin Complex Ampoules 10 | Black Diamond

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Intensive Anti-wrinkle effect thanks to 20% Vitamin C Complex and unique Martiderm Proteum 89+ ingredients for intense antioxidant and long-lasting effect. Firmer and more elastic skin as a result.

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Marti Derm Skin Complex Ampoules | Black Diamond are formulated with Proteum 89+, the latest generation proteoglycan exclusive to Marti Derm, and a vitamin complex (vitamins C, E, F, A and B5). The synergistic effect of Proteum 89+ and Vitamin Complex boosts, maintains and protects Vitamin C, delaying its oxidation. This combination doubles the absorption of vitamin C, which increases its antioxidant power, bringing luminosity to the skin from the first moment and throughout the day (long-lasting effect).


Marti Derm Skin Complex Ampoules 10 | Black Diamond is an innovative skin treatment concept based on Smart Aging Philosophy. This combination also enhances skin beauty recovering a moisturized, illuminated, not to mention young-looking skin. Enriched texture to obtain a soft and supple skin. Intensive antioxidant formula to prevent and treat the signs of aging, resulting in firmer and brighter skin. In addition, it increases firmness, hydration and elasticity and stimulates the production of our skin’s own proteoglycans.


Skin Type: We recommend for Normal or Dry skin


Size:  10 ampoules


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Proteum 89+Exclusive molecule by Martiderm with latest generation proteoglycans, which protects skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays, for the firm, subtle skin. They help to keep the skin turgid and also hydrated.
  • Vitamin C, which is an essential antioxidant that helps to repair connective tissues and collagen production. Besides, it neutralizes the cell damage caused by free radicals, reducing hyperpigmentation of the skin and enhances the expression of photo-aged skin.
  • Vitamin B5. It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, for smoother, brighter skin. As a result, the product helps keep skin soft, fresh and healthy. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help stimulate your skin’s healing processes.
  • Vitamin F. Essential fatty acids (omega 6 and omega 3) control moisture, treat excess dryness and eczema and also promote healing.
  • Vitamin E. Antioxidant and anti-free radicals’ effects.
  • Vitamin A, which has an anti-oxidative, soothing, pro-collagen and anti-wrinkle effect. This ingredient enhances cell metabolism.


Instructions to use:

  • At first, gently shake the ampoule.
  • Place the ampoule on a smooth surface and place the Easy Open on it exerting a slight downward pressure until you hear “click”.
  • Remove the Easy Open and the top of the ampoule. Place the dispenser on top of the ampoule up to the line.
  • At last, pour half of the contents on the hand and apply on your face and neckline. Afterward, keep the ampoule on the base, placing the cap on the dispenser.


Benefits of Marti Derm Skin Complex Ampoules | Black Diamond:

  • This product ensures a long-lasting moisturization after one application.
  • It offers a decrease in the area of wrinkles as well as ensures a firmer skin.
  • Moreover, it provides more redensified skin.
  • Marti Derm Skin Complex Ampoules | Black Diamond also stimulate the skin’s own proteoglycan production.


How to order Marti Derm Skin Complex Ampoules 10 | Black Diamond? Place order Online and we will deliver the product to your doorstep in the United Arab Emirates or KSA.

3 reviews for Marti Derm Skin Complex Ampoules 10 | Black Diamond

  1. Sara

    It is the third box that I use and I am very happy with this product. I use them in the morning instead of the serum and then my usual cream. They bring a cap so you can use each ampoule two and up to three times. It also brings an applicator to break the ampoule, which I did not have before and it is very useful, because it gave me I do not know what to break.
    The product itself hydrates deeply and I have noticed improvement in the expression lines of the eyes. They are never missing in my facial routine.

  2. Sandra

    This is the first product I buy that I really notice the effects of. It has an immediate good face effect. Worth. I recommend it especially after 40, that the skin loses its luminosity.

  3. Sthefy

    I have been using it for years at the recommendation of the dermatologist. They are magnificent. It arrived before the date, very happy for the service and the product. Super moisturizing, leaves skin feeling radiant. It really helps with wrinkles.

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