AbrilEtNature Dinamic Curl

85.00 AED



– Fixing cream, specialized for defining curls and waves. Strong and flexible hold.

– Ideal for obtaining elastic curls, with a natural movement.

– Avoids hair to get frizzy.

– It provides softness and gloss.


AbrilEtNature Dinamic Curl is a fixative cream specialized for defining curls and waves. Its revolutionary continuous and flexible film technology allows the re-styling without loss of its fixing properties. It allows brushing the hair, maintaining the hairstyle, and obtaining a smooth and natural finish. With hair conditioning active ingredients and nourishing oils very similar to the natural lipids of the scalp. Hairstyling is a separate art form. To become a true master in this matter, you must have at least minimal inclinations and, of course, help in the form of high-quality styling tools. Both professional stylists and lovers of creating hairstyles at home should pay attention to AbrilEtNature Dinamic Curl – a styling cream suitable for all types of curls, including curls.


Hair Type: all hair types, curly


Size: 200ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed corn protein; which revitalizes hair’s natural protective layer while rebuilding its strength and returning the elasticity to the strands. It clings to your hair and increases its resistance to brittleness under excessive pressure.
  • Apple stem cells. It’s a potent and highly reformative ingredient, that revives damaged hair from the very first use and restructures it into perfectly straightened hair.
  • Glycerin helps in making the hair strands stronger, which lowers the appearance of split ends. it may also help moisturize your hair. It helps to absorb water molecules from the surrounding and make hair stronger and shinier.


Instructions to use:

Apply to clean towel-dried hair. Dry it using a diffuser or allow it to dry in the open air.


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Dinamic Curl:

  • It provides a soft and conditioned feel to the hair.
  • Furthermore, its nourishing oils also minimize possible damage caused during styling by thermal tools.
  • It offers a very intensive resistance to moisture loss.
  • AbrilEtNature Dinamic Curl also provides a prolonged hold of hair curl and waves, even in moist environments.
  • It provides a strong and flexible hold.
  • Additionally, it doesn’t allow the hair to get frizzy.
  • It also provides a soft and glossy hair finish.
  • Protects locks from the negative effects of thermal appliances.
  • Makes your hair curls to be more supple, retaining the constant level of their moisture.
  • Regular use of AbrilEtNature Dinamic Curl gives a delightful brilliance.
  • It acts serves a protective barrier to help retain water in each hair strand. This styling hair cream also makes curls look amazingly radiant.
  • Furthermore, AbrilEtNature Dinamic Curl provides enough lapse to untangle the hair for rapid restyling.

If you are suffering from damaged hair due to over-styling you can also combine it with Sublime Shampoo and Mask. This is a special caviar treatment that will bring your hair back to life. Order Dinamic  Curl hair styling cream and Sublime Treatment for your hair with free delivery within 4 business days!

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