AbrilEtNature Keratin Shampoo 1000ml

300.00 AED



This shampoo regenerates the keratin structure and helps to make the hair thicker.


AbrilEtNature Keratin Shampoo is the right beauty remedy for your hair or curls. It provides an amazing straightening of the strands, comparable only to the salon mineralization procedure. Furthermore, it provides an intense keratin wash, ideal for regenerating and restructuring damaged hair.

This hair care shampoo will provide your hair with a strong boost of keratin, both externally and internally. In this way, a complete repair is achieved, restoring hair fibers and sealing the cuticle. Bain Shampoo keratin contains keratin in little sizes which can thrust through the cuticle, to inside the cortex, and other parts of keratin large enough to remain deposited on the cuticle surface. It can be used in combination with any treatments from abril et nature, in the case of types of hair with more specific needs.


Hair Type: suitable for

  • Normal to very dry hair
  • Normal to thick hair
  • Frizzy hair


Size: 1000ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Dimethicone helps to smooth the hair cuticle. This can make the hair appear to be frizz-free and have extra shine.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin maintains the health and youth of hair and strengthens them. This active ingredient makes hair shinier, less brittle, hair loss is slowed down.
  • Citric acid lowers the hair’s slightly negative charge to help the cuticle, the outer layer of the hair, maintains a smooth, flat surface.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen builds hair proteins and strengthens the skin that contains your hair roots. It may also eliminate hair follicle degeneration.


Instructions to use:

Wash your hair as usual. With light massage movements, apply shampoo to your hair, wait for 3 – 5 minutes, wash off. Apply Keratin Mask and Serum after the Shampoo.


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Keratin Shampoo:

  • The first thing to remember, this product enhances the powerful restorative treatment of the hair keratin structure.
  • It significantly supports repairing after the chemical and mechanical damages to the hair.
  • Instantly hair repairing, achieving its benefits immediately.
  • It gives you a more silky and shiny hair appearance.
  • AbrilEtNature Keratin Shampoo helps create stronger hair fiber that is more resistant to breakage.
  • This Keratin Shampoo conditions and restores hair, makes it obedient, has an antistatic effect.
  • It also normalizes the pH balance of the scalp.
  • This cleansing product quickly and effectively restores the damaged hair shaft from the inside and along its entire length.
  • This Shampoo does not make strands heavier, but rather makes them airy, shiny and silky.
  • Abril et Nature Bain Shampoo Keratin creates a push-up effect on the hair.
  • Regular application of AbrilEtNature Keratin Shampoo will provide you bright the thinned curls which will condense, become stronger and more elastic.

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