Abril Et Nature Cell Innove Instant Mask 200ml

140.00 AED



– It rejuvenates, regenerates and restructures hair with intense stem cells plant culture extract.

– Rejuvenates the hair fiber from inside.

– Gives a maximum regenerative power to the damaged hair.


Cell Innove innovative hair care products formulated by a high amount of stem cells plant culture extract. Abril Et Nature Cell Innove Instant Mask is suitable for women and men with very frizzy, dehydrated and damaged hair because of chemical treatments, which need a thorough rejuvenation treatment. The Mask Cell Innove is a rinse-off hair care product giving maximum regenerative power to the damaged hair. Instant mask Cell Innove developed with on a potent hair-strengthening active set that effectively ameliorates the condition of damaged hair. Do you have damaged hair? This conditioning hair mask will make magic to your hair on daily long-time use.


Hair Type: suitable for dry hair and damaged hair.


Size: 200ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • The first thing to remember is Plant Stem cells. Point out, the plant stem cell culture extract gives Abril Et Nature Cell Innove Instant Mask the ability to help the hair fibre regenerate thanks to its antioxidant qualities.
  • A protein complex enters into the hair cortex and energizes the hair follicles from internally. It also has very high effectiveness in the delivery of strengthening benefits to hair, which makes it the main active into the Instant Mask Cell Innove.
  • Emollient oils: They increase the durability and strength of your hair. They further help to prevent hair brittleness.


Instructions to use:

At first, we recommend washing the hair with Bain Shampoo Cell Innove, as usual. Leave it to act for 3-5 minutes and rinse. Secondly, apply Mask. Rub thoroughly over hair around 7 minutes to give you optimal results and wash off. Finish the rejuvenating hair routine with Cell Innove leave-on concentrate. The last apply on hair dried with a towel, 2/3 applications. Do not rinse, let it dry on your hair.


Benefits of Abril Et Nature Cell Innove Instant Mask:

  • To the point, this hair product helps to revive hair that has been rigorously damaged by aggressive treatments like bleaching, relaxers, smoothing and permanents. For optimum results use this product daily preferably along with hair care treatment Nature Plex (for thin hair) or Sublime (for thick hair).
  • It also provides hair coating effects to strengthen, lubricate and guard the surface of the hair.
  • Abril Et Nature Cell Innove Instant Mask improves the external appearance and strength of your hair to give you a regenerated hair fibre, with a young, healthy and sleek appearance.
  • Moreover, this mask improves the elasticity and the resistance to breakage of the hair fibre.
  • Cell Innove line incorporates cationic conditioners that neutralize the negative charge that adheres to the hair, thus avoiding, and with controlled hydration, the frizz of the hair.
  • Contribution of the optimum degree of hydration through micro-emulsion of moisturizing oils.
  • It improves the brightness, feels and sparkle of your hair.

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