AbrilEtNature Shampoo Platinum 1000ml | Blonde Hair

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The shampoo offers a high degree of nutrition to blonde hair (discolored, with wicks) avoiding the appearance of dryness and yellowish reflection. Say bye-bye to the yellow marks!


AbrilEtNature Shampoo Platinum offers a high degree of hydration and nutrition to blonde hair (discolored, with wicks) avoiding the appearance of dryness that appears in these cases. It helps neutralize the yellowish tone in case of discoloration and enhances the original tone. The properties of this product reduce friction on the hair fiber, so that hair is soft and shiny.

The innovative Shampoo formula is created specifically to restore and maintain a magnificent golden hue of colored locks that require intensive hydration and nutrition. Moisturizing ingredients saturate dry areas with moisture and prevent over-drying and brittle hair. Protective components retain brightness and color saturation after each dyeing for a long time, making your hairstyle irresistible. Platinum Shampoo will be an indispensable tool for owners of luxurious brilliant white and post-bleaching white hair.


Hair Type: suitable for bleached and extreme blonde hair (specifically brilliant white and grey).


Size: 1000ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Violet pigments to correct yellow shades of grey and blond hair.
  • Citric acid. It evens out pH balance in shampoo while keeping your hair cuticles flat. Furthermore, it helps to remove the excess build-up of oil on the scalp.
  • Glycerin aids in boosting the strength of your hair, reducing the presence of split ends.it may help your hair retain moisture.
  • Algae extract. The last facilitates hair growth and makes it glow and also adds volume to your hair. It also helps unblock hair follicles that may be clogged by flakes or scalp fungus.
  • Panthenol improves the texture of delicate blondes. It covers the hair and protects its surface, moisturizing follicles and making your hair appear shiny.


Instructions to use:

Apply on damp hair. Massage gently and emulsify until the light foam is obtained. Leave on for about 3 or a maximum of 5 minutes (not more) and rinse thoroughly with water. Complete the routine with Platinum conditioning hair Toner. We recommend to combine it with the Nature Plex Hair Treatment for bleached hair (to bring your hair back to life).


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Shampoo Platinum:

  • This haircare shampoo prevents the appearance of yellow effects on grey and blond hair.
  • It brings luminosity and silkiness to your hair strands
  • It enhances the tone and revitalizes your blonde hair.
  • Avoids the unsightly frizz of hair.
  • Adds a light tone, softening ugly yellow reflections in the hair.
  • Effectively cleanses strands and scalp from dirt and excess sebum.
  • It makes hair light and silky, voluminous and manageable.
  • AbrilEtNature Shampoo Platinum does not dry out and doesn’t tighten the skin, taking care of the softness and elasticity of curls.
  • Neutralizes a shade of yellowness and prevents pigment leaching.
  • This shampoo not only preserves the color, but also gives a platinum shade, helps the hair look well-groomed, clean, and shiny thanks to the components.
  • Additionally, it renews color and restores bleached hair, moisturizes and protects against ultraviolet rays, also gives the hair a wonderful aroma.

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