Abril Et Nature Gold Lifting – Serum 100ml

160.00 AED



– Improves the external appearance of hair fibre

– Increases hair shine

– Prevents frizzy hair

– Helps to define different hairstyles from curly, wavy to straight

– Provides a silky touch and a golden shine


Natural Curls Gold Lifting Serum helps to maintain and retain your natural curly and wavy hairstyle. It improves the strength of the hair fiber, avoiding breakage during washing and hairstyling. Combined with Instant Mask Gold Lifting, avoids the hair to get frizzy. It defines and shapes hair with stem cells. Acts directly on the cortex of the hair, repairing and conditioning more effectively. Natural Curls Gold Lifting Serum is recommended for curly and wavy hair that requires rejuvenating anti-creep treatment.


Hair Type: suitable for any type of hair inclined to frizz and curls.


Size: 100ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Stem cells give to the Gold Lifting hair care the ability to help the hair fiber regenerate thanks to its antioxidant qualities.
  • Bioactive ingredients with hair rejuvenation capacity.
  • Biotechnological actives capable of penetrating through the hair cuticle, up to the cortex.
  • Emollient oil, natural heat protector, as well as conceals the damaged hair strands, giving a sleeker look.


Instructions to use:

After washing hair dry it with the towel and apply a small amount of the product, about the size of a hazelnut. Rub well through hair using a gentle massage. Do not rinse and comb when finished. Combine it with Gold Lifting Shampoo and Mask and your hair will shine like a diamond.


Benefits of Gold Lifting Serum:

  • Plant stem cells with hair rejuvenation ability, in order to recover natural curlies or waves.
  • In addition, it repairs hair fiber, restoring hair strength and avoiding breakage.
  • It provides a silky touch and a powerful shine.
  • Furthermore, this product improves the external aspect of the capillary fiber.
  • Natural Curls Gold Lifting Serum increases the shine of hair.
  • It helps to define the hairstyle in all hair types, provides a silky touch and shine to the hair as a bar of bright gold.
  • Provides intensive wash gold facelift with stem cells, ideal to define and give shape to the hair.
  • Likewise, this product carries out renewal action in the internal part of the fiber.
  • The treatment incorporates cationic conditioners that neutralize the negative charge that adheres to the hair, thus avoiding, and with controlled hydration, the frizz of the hair.
  • Frizz control by neutralizing negative hair loads, facilitating styling.
  • Contribution of the optimum degree of hydration through micro-emulsion of moisturizing oils.
  • This product has anti-aging and soothing properties and helps to maintain the color of the hair.
  • Natural Curls Gold Lifting Serum has an effect of increasing hair thickness.
  • It improves the external appearance of the hair fiber. It also prevents frizz, helps to define the hairstyle in all types of hair, and provides a smooth feel and a glossy hair shine.

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