Abril Et Nature Gold Lifting Bain Shampoo 250ml

100.00 AED



– Provides silky touch and golden shine

– Ideal for curly or wavy hair

– Prevents frizzy hair

– Improves the external appearance of the hair fiber


Abril Et Nature Gold Lifting Bain Shampoo is a shampoo for curly hair with stem cells. Gently cleanses, moisturizes and tones the hair, charging them with vitality and energy for the whole day. It defines and shapes hair with stem cells. This hair treatment helps you retain your natural curly and wavy hairstyle. Additionally, it contains cationic conditioners that neutralize the negative charge that adheres to the hair. Both the Stem Cells and the moisturizing oils that the treatment incorporates, are divided during the manufacturing process into microparticles of sufficient size to allow their penetration into the hair core, thus acting throughout the hair.


Hair Type: Ideal for curly or wavy hair


Size: 250ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Panthenol works by improving the effects of hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility.
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein PG-propyl silanetroil, is an ingredient that is a blend of a vegetable-derived protein and silicone. This active will treat your hair and will also create a tight grip on it making your hair feel soft. It helps to reduce the size of the cuticle layers of the hair.
  • Plant stem cells are the source for continuous regeneration of the epidermis, the formation of new hair and hair pigments.
  • Propylene glycol, it softens the hair and makes it easy to comb through.
  • A protein complex that penetrates to the interior of the cortex, giving strength from the inside. Also provides surface film, to reinforce, lubricate and protect the surface of the hair.


Instructions to use:

Wash hair as usual. Leave it to act for 7-10 minutes and rinse. Use it along with Gold Lifting Instant Mask for curly hair.


Benefits of Gold Lifting Bain Shampoo:

  • Firstly it improves the outward appearance of the hair fibre.
  • Furthermore, it increases hair shine.
  • Similarly, it prevents frizzy hair.
  • It helps you maintain your curly or wavy hairstyle.
  • In all types of hair, it provides a smooth feel and a glossy shine.
  • It gives the hair a natural shine and healthy look moisturizes the hair and prevents their fragility.
  • The structure includes stem cells that perfectly restore and form the hair along the entire length.
  • It improves the strength of the hair fibre, avoiding breakage during washing and hairstyling.
  • This product also provides a natural curl or curl, without frizz, allowing you to control the hairstyle much better.
  • Abril Et Nature Gold Lifting Bain Shampoo is a treatment with a rinse, which provides a power of regeneration for maximum hair damage.
  • Finally, this shampoo is based on a powerful blend of actives involved in the strengthening of the hair which substantially improves the state of damaged hair.


Abril Et Nature Gold Lifting Bain Shampoo is advised mainly for thick fibre hair, also for natural drying or diffuser. Buy it now online from the website and enjoy with the gold lifting for your hair. You deserve it!

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