AbrilEtNature Nature Plex Shampoo 250ml

100.00 AED



This shampoo gently cleans while repairing and revitalizing your hair. This shampoo is the first step of AbrilEtNature Nature Plex repairing hair treatment for bleached, thin or Europian type of hair. Complete the treatment with Mask & Final Touch Spray.


Nature Plex Shampoo from abril et nature is the first treatment designed to prepare, protect and repair your hair after aggressive chemical processing. It serves as a shampoo that prepares to apply the complete treatment Nature-Plex. Start the treatment from cleansing your hair and scalp by providing the hair fiber with moisturizing and repairing assets. The last that provides greater strength and resistance to hair. An innovative series of products for protecting and restoring hair. With AbrilEtNature Nature Plex Shampoo you will get the result: moisturized and healthy hair, the hair will stop breaking, become strong and elastic, with rich color and shine of hair for a long time.


Hair Type: suitable for

  • Chemically damaged hair
  • Very damaged hair
  • Breaking hair
  • Europian type of hair, thin hair or bleached hair


Size: 250ml

Main Active Ingredients:

  • Stem cells: incorporates stem cell culture extract from the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple, providing protection against oxidation and hair aging.
  • Hyaluronic acid helps your hair regain lost hydration while strengthening the hair fiber.
  • Caviar extract.
  • Wheat protein hydrolyzate, which brings shine and softness to hair.
  • Keratin repairing the cortex and cuticle, providing repair on all layers of hair.
  • Rosehip oil: to repair damaged hair, renew damaged scalp tissue and moisturize hair. It encourages hair growth and revitalizing dry, thinning or dull hair.


Instructions to use:

Wash your hair regularly by applying a small amount to your hair. Rinse abundantly. In the case of going to apply the Mousse Nature-Plex, make two consecutive washes before the Mousse.


Benefits of AbrilEtNature Nature Plex Shampoo:

  • Nature Plex Bain shampoo nourishes, repairs and moisturizes hair damaged by chemical processing.
  • It also helps in the regeneration of disulfide bridges broken by external aggression.
  • AbrilEtNature Nature Plex Shampoo also comes with anti-frizz properties.
  • It also helps in the improvement of the general condition of hair.
  • Additionally, it enhances an increase in shine and radiance.
  • Furthermore, it supports an increase in hair volume.
  • With regular use of this product your hair becomes more durable and dense.
  • It strengthens your hair. Using this product will help you strengthen your hair in a more beneficial way.
  • Keeps dirt, dust, oil and pollutants away. It also gives a thick and creamy feeling.
  • AbrilEtNature Nature Plex Shampoo helps to keep your hair soft and silky and shiny without any damages.

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