Abril Et Nature Age Reset – Finishing Spray

130.00 AED



– For thin fibre hair and weak hair.

– Increases the thickness and strength of the hair fibre from inside.

– Botox effect for largest hair volume and healthy sealed cuticles.

– An increase in fibre thickness and hair volume is obtained.


Age Reset Finishing Spray is a finished product which gives the last contribution in the hair rejuvenation and thickening process. It is based on plant stem cells culture extract and in restorative active ingredients, which fix up to the keratin fibres in the cortex, increasing the thickness of the hair fibre. In particular, Abril Et Nature obtained plant stem cells culture extract from a variety of Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber. It is an endangered apple variety that was well-known for its excellent storability and thus, its longevity, regenerative and vitality potential. Cell culture extract from this apple, incorporated into this new line of products, improve the longevity of protein structure in the hair fibre.


Hair Type: for thin hair.


Size: 200ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Plant stem cells which completely rejuvenates your hair fibre.
  • Botox effect which provides volume and strength to hair. It also reduces hair frizziness making them shinier and smoother. It covers any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make the hair appear more increased in volume and lustrous.
  • Emollient oils combat dry scalp and dandruff. Helps prevent and repair heat and styling damage. Adds shine, nourishes hair and prevents oily hair.


Instructions to use:

Apply the spray on wet hair and dry hair to increase their volume. Combine it with Age Reset Shampoo, Age Reset Instant Mask and Age Reset Serum to get the maximum result.


Benefits of Age Reset Finishing Spray:

  • Finish spray age reset has anti-ageing and smoothing effects on hair.
  • It increases the thickness and strength of hair fibre from inside, in the cortex.
  • It helps to restore the damaged pieces and the cortex fills lengthwise the whole fibre.
  • Additionally, this product helps increase hair volume and restores completely hair fibre.
  • finish spray age reset boosts resistance, shine and strength of hair
  • An increase in fibre thickness and hair volume is obtained. Moreover, it provides the cuticle smoothing as well as a soft touch, therefore, an easy combing.
  • Abril Et Nature formulated this product primarily, for thin fibre hair, and weak hair, damaged and breakable one, with coarse cuticle surface and porous.
  • This finishing spray helps to straighten hair which has a tendency to get tangled.
  • This product is recommended in any case in which an increase in hair thickness and volume are needed.
  • Rejuvenates hair fibre, providing young, healthy look and shine to hair.
  • Treatment is intended to increase the thickness of hair fibre, strengthen and provide volume to thin fibre hair and very thin fibre hair.
  • It gives thickness to the capillary cortex while regenerating the fibre, rejuvenating the hair also providing shine, softness and resistance to breakage.

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