Abril Et Nature Nature Plex Mask 1000ml | Bleached Hair

380.00 AED



The Nature-Plex mask acts on the hair providing repair, nutrition and hydration. With the anti-frizz effect, this mask repairs hair from inside, offering a smooth and shiny finish. Highly recommended after bleaching.


We extremely recommend Abril Et Nature Nature Plex Instant Mask for very damaged, thin and dry hair, as much as for hair repairing after bleaching.

Abril Et Nature Nature Plex Mask belongs to the line of treatments formulated with the Cysteine ​​Bond Complex. This complex helps to regenerate hair disulfide bridges. This hair treatment helps to stop breakage in the most natural way. This line of hair treatment is formulated to prepare, guard and revive your hair from aggressive and intensive technical work. This mask acts on the hair providing repair, moisturization and nourishment. With the anti-frizz effect, this mask repairs the hair from the inside, offering a smooth and shiny finish. An innovative series of products for protecting and restoring hair.

You will get the result: moisturized and healthy hair, the hair will stop breaking. The last will become strong as well as elastic. You will enjoy the rich color and shine of your hair for longer.


Hair Type: bleached and thin hair.


Size: 1000ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Cysteine ​​Bond Complex – repairing compound for hair disulfide bridges, hydrogen bonds and ionic bonds. It acts extensively within the keratin chain. Penetrates into the cortex rebuilding all broken links.
  • Rosehip Oil contributes to the regeneration of keratin fiber.
  • Shea Butter. This ingredient guards your hair against damage during washing, styling and chemical work.
  • Stem cells antioxidant and regenerating the original protein structure of the hair.
  • Hyaluronic acid recovers natural hydration in all layers of the hair fiber, causing it to have its natural flexibility and elasticity again, thereby increasing its resistance to breakage.
  • Caviar extract. It consists of nourishing and moisturizing substances that also rejuvenate the hair structure. Helps your hair regains its natural hydration, elasticity and softness. It helps delay hair aging due to the presence of vitamins A, D, E and B12.


Instructions to use:

Rub on wet hair after shampoo or Nature-Plex mousse. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Use this mask followed by Nature Plex Final Touch serum.


Benefits of Abril Et Nature Nature Plex Mask:

  • Hair mask. Firstly, it provides recovery, nutrition and hydration. The mask restores the hair from the inside, giving it shine.
  • Likewise, its active ingredients intensively nourish, moisturize, making hair soft and smooth. With it, you will get rid of brittleness, split ends and dullness. Thanks to it your hair will look healthy and well-groomed.
  • After applying this mask, dry and dull hair will again be filled with vitality and strength. It will shine, gain silkiness and also smoothness.
  • This product improves the structure of the hair and intensively moisturizes and accelerates its growth.
  • The mask protects the strands from ultraviolet radiation and makes them more resistant to other external irritants.


Definitely, the main point of using the mask is to achieve healthy-look hair. Abril Et Nature Nature Plex Mask for bleached and/or thin hair should be used along with the other haircare products from the same line, namely shampoo and serum. This is the hair treatment that contains the products that are responsible to care about your hair on different stages of hair care. That’s why we recommend using at first Nature Plex Shampoo, then Nature Plex Mask and Nature Plex Final Touch serum as the final step to achieve the proper result.

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