Abril Et Nature Age Reset Bain Shampoo

100.00 AED



– Fills fiber interior and increases hair volume

– Rejuvenating effect

– Increases of hair shine


Its main action is to increase the thickness of the fiber, fill its interior and increase the volume of hair. Abril Et Nature Age Reset Bain Shampoo also has a rejuvenation effect. This product supports a Botox effect to provide thickness and strength to hair.  It comprehensively approaches care for curls, transforms them and will be especially relevant for use by owners of thin, depleted strands deprived of vitality. Ideal for hair in need of improving texture as well as increasing the thickness of the cortex and revival of hair.


Hair Type: all hair types, especially thin and weak hair.


Size: 250ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Stem cells work to increase the lifespan of hair follicles so that the hair can stay longer in the growth phase of the hair. It also strengthens each hair strand and encourages high cell turnover to promote growth where the hair is thinning.
  • Bioactive ingredients that have hair rejuvenation capacity.
  • Biotechnological actives that are capable of penetrating through the hair cuticle, up to the cortex.


Instructions to use:

Wash your hair as usual. Leave to act and rinse with plenty of water. Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. For the best result use it as part of your hair care along with Abril Et Nature Age Reset Mask.


Benefits of Age Reset Bain Shampoo:

  • The improvement in the general aspect of the hair, due to the straightening of the cuticle and the increase of its shine.
  • Increase of the thickness of the hair fiber, resistance and strength.
  • Increase of the hair volume.
  • It provides a general renewed appearance.
  • Also, it seals the hair cuticle, removing porous hair fibers.
  • Strengthen and provides an increase to thin fiber hair and very thin fiber hair.
  • Abril et Nature Stem Cells Age Reset Bain Shampoo cleanses the scalp and curls gently from dirt.
  • This age reset shampoo also eliminates excess sebum and styling residues.
  • It does not dry out and does not cause irritation. After use gives a pleasant feeling of comfort, lightness and freshness.
  • It restores damaged segments of the strand structure and has a rejuvenating effect on the follicles.
  • This shampoo facilitates combing, gives the curls silky, smooth and healthy glow.
  • With regular use of this product, hair is revitalized with increased resilience, renewed manageability and youthful shine.
  • Its stem cell formula harnesses the power of plant regeneration and delivers it straight to your strands, creating thicker, younger, healthier hair look.
  • This product contains specially selected vitamins and minerals which help strengthen hair follicles at the scalp to prevent hair becoming damaged.


How to order? You can buy Abril Et Nature Age Reset Bain Shampoo online. Simply click “Add to Cart” and fill the form. We provide free delivery within the UAE the next day in Dubai or a maximum of 1-2 business days in other cities of the United Arab Emirates. Also, we deliver Age Reset Bain Shampoo in Saudi Arabia within 4 business days. In case the total value of your order is over 306 Saudi Riyals we will make the delivery for free.

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