Abril Et Nature Liss Corrective Spray 500ml

1,500.00 AED



– This fluid spray increases hair strength and resistance to breakage.

– It provides easy of straightening by flat iron and ease of combing.

– It helps to prevent hair breakage during straightening.


Abril Et Nature Liss Corrective Spray is formulated with active ingredients, derived from hair-like amino acids, non-aggressive and non-harmful, to both the hair fiber and the scalp. This product contains innovative treatments line that line-up, correct and discipline hair fibers in a natural way. It helps to keep hair smooth, thanks to the action of amino-acids on the desquamation of the superficial layers of the hair fibers. This product enables you to achieve total and permanent hair straightening, or progressive and temporary. The first treatment for hair straightening that does not damage the hair, protecting it and repairing it intensely. Liss Corrective Spray contains a combination of natural amino acids that acts by temporarily weakening the cysteine bonds of the hair fiber allowing to straighten it.


Hair Type:  suitable for​ all hair textures


Size: 500ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Caviar extracts, which prevent your hair from drying out and breaking out. It also provides great anti-aging benefits to your hair.
  • Plant stem cell extract, which can help restore youthful looks and lost hair. It also helps regrow hair follicles.
  • Hyaluronic acid recovers the natural hydration of the hair and therefore its flexibility. It can increase hair growth and give you thicker hair.
  • Glycolic acid improves breakage resistance, deeply moisturizes and softens hair. Moisturizes resulting in a healthy hair look and feel. Has an excellent profile for penetrating the cuticle layer of the hair shaft.
  • Nourishing oils and conditioning ingredients: nourish and condition the hair, providing softness and shine. Neutralize the negative charges of the fiber surface, avoiding frizz.


Instructions to use:

Spray the product onto freshly washed, towel-dried hair, comb to distribute evenly throughout and dry as desired. Combine it with Liss Shampoo-Mask.


Benefits of Abril Et Nature Liss Corrective Spray:

  • This product increases hair strength and resistance to breakages.
  • It also provides easy of straightening by flat iron and ease of combing.
  • It does not damage the hair and is compatible with all hair treatments.
  • Abril Et Nature Liss Corrective Spray helps to discipline and smooth the hair progressively.
  • It promotes hair Volume control and frizz reduction.
  • Furthermore, Abril Et Nature Liss Corrective Spray enhances ease of styling with a glossy and natural finish.
  • The corrective spray gives your hair a silky texture.
  • It also has an antioxidant and anti-aging effect.
  • As mentioned above, it restructures and untangles hair protecting it from the heat thanks to plant extracts that strengthen the hair making it soft and velvety.
  • Regular use of this spray ensures that the hair is instantly lustrous, soft and vital and maintains its natural elasticity.

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